Government introduce Zero Tolerance Speed Cameras.

    The new, German made, cameras look different to the normal cameras,so I have included a photo , so that you are familiar with them and able to make sure YOU DO NOT SPEED when approaching one of these devices. Please take this warning seriously as you will not get another chance.


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    Speed Kills.

    Hmmm, could do with a few of these scattered around this town to stop the boy racers.

    Nice product, Great deal and voted [COLOR="Red"]HOT[/COLOR] !!

    PMSL!!! Great that is

    Nice 1

    Zero Tolerance speed cameras do exist in New Zealand...

    [SIZE="2"]And look how they've made them to blend seamlessly into the background (like me) - they're not trying to reduce speed at all they're attempting to annihilate all drivers. There'll be congestion charges that blow you up next![/SIZE]
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