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Found 15th Dec 2006
can anyone recommend where i can get a GPS reciever for the nokia N70, and which software will work best with the N70, ie tom tom, is it relatively easy to install and use,

appreicate any advice and help:thumbsup: & :santa:
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There are plenty of UK retailers selling new items with warranty on ebay. I bought one with the RFDM chipset for approx £26 +£9 p&p. It came with mains charger, PC USB charger cable, car charger cable, non-slip mat and phone holder (which fits the N70). It works fine with my N70, as does TomTom mobile 5. I'm using a Kingston 1Gb MMC card (the 7-8 Mbps version). The software is easy to instal via your PC.
hi, i checked ebay, just wanted to know if their any websites which actually sold it, off to ebay i go:pirate: , so i should get tomtom 5, cheers:thumbsup:
I am using this Bluetooth GPS device and very impressed by it. It even works from glove box, so no need to expose it
Hey. I've tried using tomtom mobile 5 and route 66 software on my N70... but had no joy with either. If you google some info on the N70 and satellite navigation software you'll see there's all kindsa problems with it where the signal just drops out every now and again and you have to restart the phone.

I've tried all the recommended tips e.g latest version of phone firmware, latest version of sat nav software, different gps, removing points of interest but it just seems like N70 doesn't wanna work. Tomtom removed it from the compatibility list on there site once, I dunno if its back up yet or not :?

Either way I would recommend giving it a try if you can pick up a cheap gps cos when it works, it works well. But don't spend too much cos the chances are it will drop signal intermittently and its infuriating! Worth spending the extra to get a standalone one. My dad has the Tomtom Go 300 (older model) and swears by it.

Good luck!
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