GPS Navigation/PDA - Dell PDA Offer Codes?

    Hi All

    I was looking for a GPS system for a good price. I know that Aldi sold one a while back for £229.99 (I think) which was a PDA with in build GPS, so no need for wires etc.

    I was looking at the Dell Axim range which look really good, but maybe a bit pricey, so if anyone has any offer codes for this, please let me know.

    I am looking at spending about £250 max.




    Hi mate,

    I bought 2 of these from a guy who runs a shop on Ebay.

    They were Dell Axim X5's, with TomTom Navigator 3, 128mb SD card, TomTom GPS, Car cradle, Axim Docking station & a "v" charger (powers GPS & charges PDA at the same time in car).

    They were both £296 inc p&p

    Search for Axim X5 on Ebay

    Original Poster

    Everytime I look on Ebay I see loads of sellers from America selling Dell PDA's.

    I will have a look when I get home tonight as cant really look on Ebay at work.

    Thanks for the tip... do you know the sellers name you got yours from? Also, were they new and boxed etc?

    Thanks again... Karl

    Here's a link 2 his latest auction…d=1

    He sell's loads so dont worry if u dont win !!!!

    I've found out over a period of time that his reserve is set at £290 - So dont bid over that - wait til the last 30 secs or so and just bid right away £190 and you will meet his min reserve & win - you will also save £60 on his reserve price.

    All the stuff is brand new and never used (TomTom is original with serial) - and he delivers quickly.

    I was well impressed, and I downloaded the speed camera database which warns me of speed cameras too - FREE

    Original Poster

    Thanks for the info. I managed to pick up a PDA based Navigation system for £219 through a real shop with a warranty. The PDA has an integrated GPS, so no wires etc.

    The only thing was that no map software was provided, but since I can use anyone, I have one in doors which will do the job.

    If anyone wants details of this, please shout.


    Karl, you have mail, cheers..
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