GPS on phones - Do you need the internet?

    I have an LG Arena with GPS but everytime I use it, it connetcs to the internet and gobbles up my credit (pay as you go)...

    I am off to paris next weekend and wanted tyo use it for getting round the streets but want to know if I have to use the net to use it?


    If it uses aGPS then it uses cell towers to find your location quicker (i think)

    just get a paris street map

    problem sorted


    PAYG is so 2001 :?

    what network you on ?

    when you start the application it will use the mobile network to get your approximate location while the GPS is kicking in(can take a while)

    I can say without a shadow of a doubt, you need internet to download the maps in GPS. But make sure your phone is unlocked and you buy a local Sim Card when you get there.



    PAYG is so 2001 :?

    whys that exactly?


    whys that exactly?

    Uh oh the PAYG police :roll::)
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