Gps receiver for phone

    Hi all, i'm looking for a cheap gps solution by purchasing a gps reciever and finding appropriate software to install on my samsung f490. can anyone help/recommend anyhing that isn't expensive?



    thare are some cheap one in [url][/url]

    I can recomend a good reciever but not sure what software would go on your phone .I have TT6 on my 2 ubiquio's [401-501] using a HOLOX 44 channel reciever I bought off ebay [new] . It was about £30 . CPC [cpc-farnel] is a good company but you have to add VAT and the postage is quite high.

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    saw that one cheers. but i was looking for advice from people already doing this

    do these work so long as you have a compatible software for your phone?

    I use a Nokia E61 with TT6 software and a Bluetooth receiver, works fine for me. Sat Nav seem to be getting cheaper and cheaper and it might be better just leaving a dedicated one in the car..
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