GPS Rollover date in April - why your satnav may stop working

Posted 3rd Mar 2019Edited by:"mrwhitelabel"
Just a heads up

What is the GPS Week Number Rollover?

The GPS Week Number Rollover (WNRO) occurs every 19 years, with the next roll over taking place on 6 April 2019. Similar to odometers in older cars rolling over from 99,999 km to 0, the GPS WNRO is the resetting of the GPS calendar back to 0.

When the calendar resets, it can cause a miscommunication between GPS satellites and GPS receiver chips. As a result, some chips in satnavs will lose the ability to process certain functions.

What does this mean for you? It’s time to check your satnav. Depending on your device, you may need to update or upgrade.

Here's a link to check your TomTom, feel free to post other manufacturers links…es/
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Brexit strikes again.
thx for the heads up
37177461-REoEH.jpgIs this a satnav?
Remember how the world was going to end as the clocks changed over to the year 2000.
mrwhitelabel2 h, 49 m ago[Image]

Probably fair to say, if the device is newer than 2010. You’d have a decent claim against the manufacturer/retailer as not fit for purpose.
Good to know, but as specified on Garmin website: "If GPS receivers don’t account for this rollover in their software it will calculate the wrong date and/or time. Position, velocity, and other navigation data is not affected by the rollover. "
it seems that only the time parameters are affected.
I have two old TomTom One GPS, I'll find time after this date to see whether they coped with this issue or not. Surprisingly I haven't received any update email for my new TomTom (the last one was from January).
Does anyone know what I need to do with a peugeot 407 satnav that has stopped working (guessing because of this) - it's on an SD card..... Thanks :-)
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