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    My wife has started running and has been getting up to about ten miles now. She is currently at about half marathon level and has entered the ballot for the london marathon today. I want to buy her a gps running watch, does anybody have any good suggestions or own a watch they really like that they would recommend. Thanks in advance


    I asked my husband and he came back with this answer:

    Garmin forerunner 310xt…K/r

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    Can you answer this for a fellow AV fan?

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    thank you will take a look

    the new nike one is currently the most accurate and the easiest to use by far as if the gps fails it uses the foot sensor as back up, but its £179

    garmin are ok,but a bit fiddly and you are always waiting for the gps signal…033
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    If you/she has a smartphone plenty of apps on there which do the same thing
    for a fraction of the price!
    I have Iphone 3g and Runkeeper app (£3.99) is priceless.


    any Nokia smart phone with built in GPS using free sports tracker app and can upload after or view live her current progress on Google maps.
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    p.s. Iphone isn't a smart phone its pretty dumb compared to what real smart phones can do.
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