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Posted 28th Jun
I’ve asked for a gpu for my birthday in August, but isn’t that the worst time to buy? Obviously can’t change my birthday and don’t want to sell a present months later...

Thinking 5700XT but what is the best value/performance out there atm?
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Best value performance doesn’t always work, take into account driver support and what components it’s pairing with. Also what you are using it for. What settings you want to games on, how much budget you have. What make of card not model but manufacturer some cost more but the turn around for repair under guarantee is quick and painless some take a long time..

also you will get fanboys of team red and green arguing which is better...

answer the questions above for yourself and start looking around that budget, lists where the cheapest components are. is a good review site for all things tech and their forums are good for advice, better for pc advice than a shopping site..

Also new cards are due not long after so might be worth asking them to keep money till new cards come out...
Id ask for the money and wait for the new market, do any decent pc retail shops offer voucher cards? and i mean a serious pc firm which is competitive!.

Nvidia is a very stable driver firm, / smashing productive cards, and VR.. but u do pay for the stability.

AMD, get more bang for buck performance, but drivers can and always be a little iffy, twerks n play around easy enough to fiddle though some issues - coming from a Liquid Dev user here,

5700xt performance is great for the price, however £100 less u can get near to that performance under the 5600xt n save £100, but then the argument u could of got a 5700 at that price in yesterdays market, as much as a 5700xt nails a 5600xt... but is it worth £100 more, not really, but thats the price u pay for it. and it is what it is.

5600xt giga dual or trip fan, then the sapphire nice smashing cards, then on the 5700xt, red drag at £359.... then u got ur red dev at £390ish at the upper table.,

5700 is kinda pointless atm, might as well spend that £30 as they riding at £330... unless a very decent one drops to below £300, the mech at ebuyer is there but i dont rate it, id rather go higher end 5600xt tbh.

EVGA KO got a nice 2060 at amazon for £289 great price considering where these been at, minor RTX for the limited lower games thats bang on, i.e minecraft, and a very good productive card.

some nice 2070 supers dropp to that £460 atm, the giga windforce, from the highs,

but august is a long time away, market will change including whats out!.

is it bad time to buy a gpu now: no.. some nice deals tbh, and as the market gets closure to the new ones more will come, but when it comes then it can affect decent offers now on current, if new lines dont exceed ur needs somehow, i.e B550 just drop, been some nice offers on B450 past few weeks, n all n everyone said wait? 1) b450 will drop straight as b550 comes, ... really? long wait i guess. they rather push b450 high to milk b550... NEW GPUS: will be Dif as they come in dif levels, so u might be lucky, but there will be some steal deals upto it, u can keep checking, as the upto point can be better then "wait to after".
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OCUK do gift vouchers.
never do gift cards, if company goes bust you left with nothing...
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