Posted 16th Dec 2022
Anyone good with GPUs. I need a budget GPU with hdmi 2.1 for hooking up my LG C2 42inch. Not for gaming but would like to have the 2.1 already present. Just something cheap and cheerful will do the trick.
Thank you. Mike.
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    Any card on the market with an HDMI port is fully compatible with an HDMI 2.1 device like your new TV.

    They don't all support every feature, but if you're after specific features introduced in HDMI 2.1 then you need to be looking for those rather than a version number.
    This. You don't NEED an HDMI 2.1 video card, ANY will do. There's no advantage if not using 2.1 specific features. (edited)
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    some people on here talking about using displayport 1.4 which has been on older cards for ages so can pick up something second hand…hz/
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    Thanks for the helps folks, appreciated. Absolutely right I don’t need 2.1, but thought I may as well future proof it I’m doing it. Appreciate gaming is not a consideration but something which will last is important.
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