Gr Orange!

    I have rang them twice today now!
    First woman said she cant give me my contract that im on now ( £30pm 600 min unlimited texts) and i would have to stay on same contract.
    Second guy said that I can't get the HTC touch free but he can do the contract for £20 pm with 600 min unlimited texts and a free SE c902 samsung soul or samsung F480.
    Is this a good deal or should I push further?


    Credit crunch mate.

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    Oh and sorry about all the threads ive made about phone contracts lol!

    The second deal sounds ok.

    You need to wait til the last month of your contract for the best deals.

    If you are, ring again, if they dont give you what you want ask for your PAC (Porting Authorisation Code). Wait 2/3 days for it to come. Call the number on the letter and they will offer you a much better deal :thumbsup:

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    Thing is though I dont really want to wait
    I'm terrible with waiting lol!
    But I might wait until some new phones come out
    Like the c905 and then see what they can do..

    id steer clear from orange, ive had 9 months of hell with them, they have taken out too much each month on my contract for no reason so 2 months ago i said i want to pay in store as they made me £200 over drawn and only refunded £60 but not in cash, they would only credit my account! there still taking the money from my bank account even tho im paying instore!!! the fone i have is faulty and have had it replaced 4 times and it still has same fault. i want to cancel the contract but they say i have to pay £380! never going back to orange again

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    Thing is its the best deal im going to get and i havent had any problems from orangr!

    your lucky they wer good for the first month but since then im just losin more money each month

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    Lol! Hm cant decide whether i should wait
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