Graco Quattro Tour Duo Pushchair - anyone know if any good?

Found 3rd Feb 2010
Hi all...

Looking for double buggy at the moment, and trying to work out the best one that isn't too pricey. It needs to be a tandem one, cos the pavements where I stay aren't really big enough to move the side by side buggy along without going on the road at certain points.

It's for use with a two year old, and a newborn...

anyone got one they can recommend?
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My friend had the Graco and with a 2yr old in it it weighed a ton! I had a Nipper double and it was fab, side by side but not really wide and a dream to push compared to the Graco. My other friend has the Jane powertwin and really likes it ,thats a tandem . We've the single jane and I've always loved that too.
We looked at this one - it appears great but it is so heavy and bulky. When folded it took up all the boot space in our car.
We went for the Phil & Ted (cliche I know but we love it)
I like the look of the jane powertwin too, but can't find it as a display in any shops around glasgow... any suggestions on any shops that my have them?

we have the Graco Stadium Duo and it was fine, Used it for our 3yr old … we have the Graco Stadium Duo and it was fine, Used it for our 3yr old and newborn

I have one of these too. They are often in the sale for about £90. I used to have a phil and ted but hated it. As mine is for a toddler and baby I didn't feel the need to spend much on one which is only going to be used for 12 months. Definatley worth the money

£99.99 at Smyths at the moment…spx

The only thing you will need to buy is a rain cover which I got off ebay for £8 brand new from a power seller. It includes aprons for both children and as an added bonus for me fitted the graco car seat
i had one of these and hated it because it was so heavy to lift up onto a kerb as the bigger child sits at the front being only 5ft3 and about 8 stone, I usually had to jump to put my full weight on the buggy to get the front of it to lift and my little girl really wasnt that heavy! I changed it for the phil & teds as well and 3 years on we still have it was worth every penny! obaby do a slightly cheaper version try [url][/url] free delivery too, the P&T also converts back to a single buggy so you wont have to buy another single one, also with the jane buggy there is not much room in the back seat as the child grows so if you plan on using it for a while then it might not be the best option
Thankyou to all who have replied. I just called Graco to ask them about the differences between the quattro tour duo & the stadium duo. Apparently the quattro is just a fancier version of the stadium, and with the quattro the car seat can sit on the front or the back of it.

The girl was really helpful, and informed me that mothercare sell the stadium duo under the mothercare brand as the phoenix tandem pushchair!! With codes online it works out at £135 which isn't bad. Smyths is obviously a better price than that at the moment, but unfortunately i'm in Scotland so no stores near us...
Have a look at item number 170429364139 on the well known auction site. States it is brand new
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