Graduate Assessment Day --- What to expect, need help!

    After finishing uni I have been through many months of submitting CVs, filling in pages and pages of application forms, finally been invited to a graduate assessment day.

    It says in the email that there will be inteview, presentation, group exercises, aptitude test, etc.

    Anyone been through a graduate assessment before?... any tips and suggestions, any good books or video to look before the day?


    Ive been to a few assessment days. All i would say is to research the company and what role you are applyinjg for. You would be surprised how many people do not even know what the company is about. The interviews normally have a few set questions, maybe 4, where you need to describe a time in which you have...... you then need to talk about what YOU did, why you did it, what the outcome was etc

    Group exercises are basically what they say. Make sure you are confident and talk to other in the group. Dont talk over people but make sure you have some input in any exercises.

    Good luck

    Original Poster

    Sounds like a lot of work for one day... guess I better be prepared, any good books?

    I wouldnt know sorry. Corny as it sounds your best just going and being yourself. The only thing i would look over if what the company does and their values. The rest is just acting appropriately on the day

    I have run these days in the past and John's suggestions are good.
    If you are asked to play any stupid games in groups they are not about your intelegence but reveal your personality. We wanted people we thought would fit and thrive in our jobs.
    Best advice is look smart, be polite, contribute sensibily all day and be socialble with the other guys. You want to be noticed for who you are.
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