Graham Norton: Catherine Tate sitting next to the new Doctor Who?

Is this a wind - up or not? Catherine Tate is appearing on Graham Norton, BBC2, with James Nesbitt.

Can we assume he is the new Doctor, or are they winding us up?


I heard it was going to be Alan Davies, of Jonathan Creek and QI fame...



Photos on set from the 2008 Christmas Special - [COLOR=Red]**don't click … Photos on set from the 2008 Christmas Special - [COLOR=Red]**don't click if you don't want to know ** [/COLOR]> :thumbsup:

oh i hope not!!!! :x

i heard it was Robert Carlyle, but i also heard that David Tennant is signed to do a few specials next year

Nesbitt's name was being bounced about last time as well, but David Tennant finally got it.

It's a rumour. Nothing more, nothing less.

Tennant should be staying for at least the Christmas specials for this year and next, as well as the two extra specials next year, and the 2010 series (the reason there's no 2009 series is because he isn't available - if they were going to get rid of Tennant then they would have done it now in order to have another series next year).
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