grahpics card connector issue(ati x850) - quick one!!!

Found 19th Aug 2008
i have purchased a graphics card (at last!)

its a x850 XT

one question

if you look at…jpg

you can see the connectors to the card - i know this is a silly question - but what the heck are they!!!

i know the one on the left is 4 pin molex - but surely the one on the right is 6 pin power too??

surely it doesnt want power twice - or can i pick!!!!

any ideas
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that doesn't look like a 4 pin molex to me, the one on the left looks to be the power connector, the one on the left, is something else, i think
ok - i think your right now!!!

any ideas on what it is??
yellow connector on this card is a front panel composite video input connection
the joys of google!
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