Grainger Games now listing trade in prices on line

Found 4th Apr 2012
Not a dead a such, but Grainger Games are now listing how much you get for titles before you go trade them in. So it can save you a trip or give you an idea how much to ebay it for.

Combined with CEX and the HMV/Replay app you can work out the best place to trade titles in, or to get Game/Gamestation to match them.

Handy for the up coming Game/Gamestation trade in 3 titles and get an extra £10 credit.
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Direct link Moved to misc as its a heads up Thanks for posting!
pretty pants trade prices.
Alarm bells are ringing due to the fact they compare prices with Music Magpie who's prices are laughable.
They compare with HMV from what I can tell. Slightly better on some titles

The thing to remember is cex / HMV may offer more but these sell at a cheaper price.
i use granger games all the time and yes there prices are poor but do your homework and tell them how much cex offer and they will always beat it
They have a sign in window saying beat anyone in town on trades. Thats in Doncaster. But i never used them though. That sign's been up for months.
When does the game offer start
Tomorrow according to posts on here.
they beat the cex trade in price + added an extra pound on top when i last traded something in.
The store that opened in st Helens had a big sign saying they would beat trade in prices. But when I went in with several games they didnt even match the prices nevermind beating them. Load of rubbish
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