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Found 22nd Aug 2014
Not a deal as such but noticed online grainger games do price match when trading in. Went into local store to trade in Watchdogs game and was offered £9 (cex were offering £18). Left counter in disgust. Picked up The last of us remastered and returned to counter and asked about price match to then be offered £19 once cex price had been checked. They matched it and added a pound, shy bairns get nowt as they say!
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Thanks for posting teecosy, as this is more of headsup i've popped it into the misc section.
cheers. first post so wasn't quite sure!
yup, I always trade and buy from Grainger games. great reliable store.
My local gg will always price match cex plus one pound. But you have to request.
yeah I will in future now for sure.
Good to know that they will price match cex as they are a few shops apart in my local shopping centre.

I did notice the very low prices for trade in that they offer when looking online but at least if they are matching then plus £1.

Do you have to have an account to trade with grainer like you do with cex or just produce ID
nah just ask em if they price match and lad checked cex price on Internet I think and just matched it and added a pound. think its mega handy to know for people who aint mega flush. alot of people would just take the first price they are told. especially those that trade in a whole pile of games, could be a difference of 30 or 40 quid!
On quite a few occasions I've actually traded in a game at grainger for more than what they sell it for because of the price match.

Also take advantage of the deals of the week, buy it low, complete it and trade in and price match. Most of the time break even. Has helped pass some time this summer at home from uni
cool, great advice cheers
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