Found 18th Jan 2008
Whats the diffrence between Gran turismo 5 and Gran turismo 5: prolouge?

One comes out soon…tml

The other…tml

9 months time

Whats the diffence?


The prologue is not a full game.

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:O. How come.

Why make 2 games?

How much differance is there do you know?

Well GT5 is such an awaited release, and as GT4/HD got pritty much canceled, GT fans are desparate to get their hands on a game. The full version will be released towards the very end of the year as it is almost certain to get delayed (these things always do)

The difference wont be too much....i think. I believe the 'full' version will just have more cars, tracks ect.

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Thanks for the help guys Rep for both of you.

prologue is suposed to have just over 40 cars and the full one has 700+ cars.

I'm getting desperate for the GT game especially after playing the downloadable demo!!! But and a big But.... It's worth the wait until end of September for the full release at £40 and why pay £30 for the prologue? Buy Burnout Paradise instead (due before end of Jan) and if you don't believe me, download the demo - say no more.

Have fun


I think I'll wait until you guys buy it, play it for a week and then sell it.

Doh my plan is out!

I have the japanese import of gt5 prologue, it has 5 tracks (plus reverse/different routes bringing it to 10) and 37 cars i believe. The US/UK release is supposed to have more like 70 cars but probably no extra tracks.

The full game will likely have around 200-500 cars (forget the 700, it takes to long to model them for the ps3) and probably around 25 tracks (as gt4 had). Prologue is a taster 10 months or so before the final version comes out, it includes online play with up to 16 people so theres plenty to get stuck into and for £17.99 from play if your a huge gt fan its worth can always sell it on a month or so before gt5 comes out and make most your money back

They found out people will pay for a demo (albeit a big demo).


Prolouge is a demo ur paying £20 for

The full game u'll pay £45 max probz.



I think I'll wait until you guys buy it, play it for a week and then sell … I think I'll wait until you guys buy it, play it for a week and then sell it.Doh my plan is out!

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