Grand Designs Live 2008

    I am in london on Wed 7th may and would really like a discount on some grand designs live tickets. In bad books with the missus so any help would be appriciated.



    I got free tickets for this - I'm pretty sure the offer was posted on here, but I can't find it - I hate the search engine. You or somebody else may be able to find it - it was towards the end of March through [url][/url] Good luck.

    Hi - stop looking, it wasn't on here! It was through property finder, they're now offering half price tickets! See…htm Good luck

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    Thanks for the help,, will get them booked

    There was a post on here HUKD about free tickets for that show...but it has now expired as they are not offering them anymore. So unless you applied for some back then you can't get them anymore.

    Best bet is to ask if anyone has applied but aren't going to use theirs, and on the offchance you know the local residents...they get 2 free tickets to the show
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