Found 31st Mar 2008
Its this Saturday!

Whos everyone going for?

Im going for Slim pickings,,,,


OOoh goody!! Fun Fun!! I'm off to see what quidco cashback I can grab this year

I'm going for Sad Ken ;-)

Not had a bet on the National since my mates dad put 50p on Rag Trade for me.


bewleys berry and rank outsider le duc

sat 5 april

think it should be banned i can't stand it too many horses have died over the years

My dad owns [COLOR="Red"]Philson run[/COLOR], he came 4th last year and will win this year He is at 33-1 now so place your bets early

where is the list of horses?

This site has a sweepstake kit you can print out which is handy if you are planning on doing one at your workplace...…tml

I used to go for the ones with the worst or funniest name ... needless to say i never won!!!

I won with amberleigh house in 2004 (£3 bet) i might stick a quid on TURKO as it reminds me of scrubs. lol
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