Grand Prix - Spoilers

    Anyone watching?

    **PLEASE DON'T ADD SPOILERS TO THE OP - duckmagicuk2**



    Bf's watching it, i'm going shopping, see you later :-D

    Don't spoil it! I'm recording it to watch later without adverts!

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    Don't read it then?

    well i won't now you've added 'spoilers' to the thread title :p:thumbsup:

    GP is so boring, i watch the start the only good bit, then go do other stuff for a few hours, then watch the last lap, its all about the car these days not the driver, bring back the good old days not all this safety **** its just to safe and easy now hardly any thrills, i want the good old days where you could be last and still come through to win, now moto gp that is special

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    Damn Massa car at the end can't beleive it.


    Damn Massa car at the end can't beleive it.



    poor massa, was dominant throughout, well done glock though. toyota next season goin to be the third team

    Think Massa n Hammy pull from the same lucky dip tub :?

    This season has been brilliant so far, every race has been great.
    So much talent out there at the mo and the cars are very evenly matched, the midfield battle is so close.
    Felt so sorry for Massa he had a fantastic drive and was definitely driver of the day, he certainly took the wind out of Lewis's sails at the start and deserved the win.
    Glock had a brilliant drive and finished a well deserved second
    Shame about Lewis getting the puncher and was lucky to finish 5th, Kovi did a perfect job and was there to take to win when it came up
    Wonder whats going on with Kimi??
    Piquet 6th he's getting it together now, just needed the confidence boost he got in France.

    3 pit lane fires :w00t:

    Not sure Toyota will be third team next year, lot of big changes coming for next season so we won't know anything for sure until the first race. BMW will be very strong again and I'd expect them to be challenging McLaren and Ferrari. One things for sure Lewis will get the most out of the car he's given. He's an amazingly talented driver almost up to Senna's talent, won't be long before he wins his first championship
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