Does anyone know of any deals/offers on GTA4 once its released?

    I'm not gonna pre-order as I want it on the day

    Are there any offers/freebies/deals @ HMV/GAME/GAMESTATION/ZAVVI/etc?????


    I doubt many places will be doing decent deals due to this game being a blockbuster.

    You might have the odd store like Currys or HMV giving out 'Discount vouchers' if you buy the game from them but thats about it

    Why the repost

    Original Poster Banned


    Why the repost

    Because no one actually answered the question last time and everyone was just arguing about availability

    go GAME

    pre order it, go in on Tue the 29th to pick it up, and get 500 microsoft points and 4 gamer pics for free

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    is it the 29th? I thought it was Friday 25th?

    nope tue the 29th

    The only deals I can see becoming available are when bundled with a console as this is the sort of game people are going to be tempted to buy the console so as they can play it.
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