grand theft auto ??

    Can anybody name all the ps2 grand theft auto games please . I've got GTA Vice City, GTA 3, and I've just ordered GTA San Andreas, but are the numbered ones the same as the named ones if you know what I mean, is GTA 3 the same as San Andreas just with different titles. Call me thick but I just want to double check because I want to buy the collection (not for me personally!) Thanks in advance

    Agghhh I meant to post this in requests can a mod move it plz


    There is the old GTA1 and GTA2 and a london expansion I think, also there are the PSP games.

    GTA 3
    Vice City
    San Andreas
    Liberty City Stories
    Vice City Stories

    GTA 3 - Liberty City

    GTA - Vice City

    GTA - Liberty City Stories (PSP/PS2)

    GTA - Vice City Stories (PSP/PS2)

    GTA - San Andreas

    GTA - IV

    The above are the 3D ones, go here to find out about them all - ]http//en…uto

    GTA - Liberty City Stories & GTA - Vice City Stories are also avaliable for ps2


    San Andreas is the best imho.Had a lot of fun in multiplayer mode with a … San Andreas is the best imho.Had a lot of fun in multiplayer mode with a printed list of cheats for planes and such.

    I much preferred Vice City. All the cheesy 80's music and the scarface theme. i thought san andreas had too much to do - could never be bothered eating food! lol

    I like Vice city best.

    Vice City's soundtrack cannot be beaten

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    You lot are brilliant , thank you very much to all of you, rep added :thumbsup::-D

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    is there much difference between the vice/liberty city and the vice/liberty city stories

    vice/liberty city stories were obviously orginally for the psp, so are slighty smaller games with quicker missions (ideal for psp)

    San Andreas was best on PC, for the online play

    You can get the stories on PS2 too if you don't have PSP.

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    ahh thanks so I don't need to get both


    Grand Theft Auto - PS1
    Grand Theft Auto London - PS1
    Grand Theft Auto 2 - PS1
    Grand Theft Auto 3 - PS2
    Grand Theft Auto Vice City - PS2
    Grand Theft Auto San Andreas - PS2
    Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories - PS2
    Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories - PS2

    i was thinkin bout gettin the ps2 vice city stories and liberty cities stories too. Are these completely different games to their orignals?
    I dont wanna buy them if they're just the same and not as good!

    liberty city stories on the ps2 isnt as good as the others
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