Grand Theft Auto 5: What's in your wishlist of wants?

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Found 13th Jul 2010
I want to see Jet fighters, Jumbo jets, Anti aircraft cannons, Heat seeking missiles, Buggati veyrons, Russian gunships, Rambo or Swarznegger gaming avatars, Zombies ect...

What about you guys?

And also do any of you guys have any info or gossip on a new Grand Theft Auto game?

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I'd love to see London, but I fear the campaign would consist of tasks such as kicking in bus shelters and maybe stabbing the occasional youth.

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Come on you GTA fans where are you all?

It should be linked to Google Streetview and be Grand Theft Auto World. So you could go anywhere.

I think we have been getting stroked since San Andreas, I would be really happy if they re-released that game to the next gen machines.

The lack of planes in the recent games just doesn't make sense to me, well no actually it does make sense, they spoiled us with San Andreas .

I think there was about 10 planes in that game compared to the recent releases which have a few helicopters.

In San Andreas I used to happily play around my air strip lol, had a bike or two there, and played with my planes (As sad as it sounds)

Bring back the planes!!!!!!!!!

Gang war starting, jump in the plane at the air strip, bomb towards the hood, bail out and take them out

They are holding back, so we can be milked with new games that offer little more, as I say San Andreas spoiled us


There was indeed 10 planes, see them here, ohh the memories…319

Is there a new one due out soon?

I wanna see big rigs!

I just want it to be set out of the US!

british cars. minis, corsas robin reliants!. Id love to highjack a boyracer car full of chavs, then jump out whilst doing 100mph heading toward the sea.

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Any news on gta 5 you guys?

I miss the BMX... just rollin through the hood..

Not too sure about having aircraft in the new GTA. The only problem with GTA's is that it needs to be revamped everytime a new one is made. If they just made GTA V with the GTA IV engine and graphics it would just feel like DLC which would be bad.

Just hope its something completely different and just amazing.

I want to see "the Misc" over flowing with threads about GTA when the next full episode is released.


I just downloaded San Andreas to my PC, it looks rubbish compared to GTA IV,


I just downloaded San Andreas to my PC, it looks rubbish compared to GTA … I just downloaded San Andreas to my PC, it looks rubbish compared to GTA IV,

Just wait until you have to "dance"


It probably be announced in august at gamescom or rockstar will announce on there own time.

I think if article is true april 11 release GTAV


Jedward. Then i can mow them down with an AK-47.


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My Wishlist for GTA 5:

Tanks not just one type but various types of..

F-16 Fighter Jets

Jumbo Jets

Jet Skis

The Ability to swim underwater

Scuba diving gear


Ferry class ships to operate

Superman Powers



Flying cars

Space ships UFO's etc..

A Giant Shopping Mall


Taser guns

Surface to air missiles heat seekers

Airwolf style helicopter's with maching guns, rockets

The ability to recharge your health by buying and eating food from the local diners or drive throughs

Michael Jackson music 80's music anything 80's or early 90's will do!

Destructable buildings

More buildings to explore and go inside

[im not finished yet i'll post more ideas when they come to mind]


I want the ability to hitch up to trailers using a truck as you can in San Andreas. You try and do it in GTA IV and you just crash into it. It's like this site, they've made it look pretty but taken away loads of features and content.
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