grand theft auto: episodes from liberty city

    hope someone can help, does this game require the original gta iv to play any of the content. I know you require gta iv for the lost and the damned download just not to sure about this.

    cheers guys


    Nope it does not need the original GTA IV
    Proof from "Grand Theft Auto: Episodes From Liberty City does not require Grand Theft Auto IV to play"…tml


    if your downloading them then yes you need the gta 4 disc, but if you buy the ''episodes from liberty city'' disc you do not need the gta 4 disc as the episodes are completely seperate from the main game. likewise you cannot play the original gta 4 game on the ''episodes from liberty city'' disc, you can only play the 2 episodes (lost and the damned/ballad of gay tony)
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