Grand Theft Auto IV for XBOX 360 is leaked!!

    Rockstar will be pissed off.

    I dont own a 360 but about 10 of my mates do and they all got it downloaded and are playing it right now.

    Gotta admit it looks well polished compared to the other GTAs. But you cant play online with it.

    Just to give you the background to this leak:

    At around 11:50am Greenwich Mean Time, the PAL version of Grand Theft Auto IV for the Xbox 360 was ripped and leaked to various torrent sites by a ground called iCON. This would of course enable burning a copy for the home console. Meanwhile, the NTSC version is expected within the next 48 hours. YouTube clips have been popping up online of the game's opening and early missions but as of posting, many of the clips have been taken down. The retail release is a mere six days away. This isn't the first GTA game leaked as San Andreas was as well. And it was leaked a week before, too.

    We haven't verified whether the 6.32 GB file really is the full game, but there are plenty of listings on torrent sites now and we contacted Rockstar for comment.

    Cant wait until the damn PS3 is chipped.


    Old news ;-)

    Original Poster Banned


    Old news ;-)

    i know but just thought the noobs would like to know

    Got my copy :thumbsup:

    i like the cover, where you print it from. the site is not giving me that good speed

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    Is that a legit copy or the leaked on with your own custom cover?

    I need to start chipping ans selling these games.

    Was only a matter of time with such a massive release! Im just going to ignore all these leaked videos until i get the game.

    It's a printed cover. Got it from console-covers dot com



    the game any good ?? is it worth a £43 cex voucher ?

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    The only reason id say its not worth £43 is because u can buy it under £35 at loads of places.

    But i would spend the extra if there was no lower price.


    in shops it would be £40 ++ when do you think il be able to get it from cex ??


    Is it the full game?

    If it's the full game I'll download it myself. Don't use live anyway due to obvious reasons lol so wouldn't miss it not being compatible

    your missing out if your not gonna play it online
    the whole point is that they had made 60 hours+ of slick 1 player gaming but there is just so more in the multiplayer
    tbh i cant wait to have a 16 man battle royale deathmatch on the streets of liberty city!


    I can't wait for online but will do a bit of single player first.
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