grandfather passed away last night

Found 9th Dec 2008
And for some reason i feel like a right tool.

I feel happy that he is no longer in any pain now.
But now wish i could have had another chance to say some things that I never had a chance to say.

But yeah i feel like i should be doing something..but what? go round for a cup of tea.
There isnt really anything i can do, other than just say hi.

Second funeral this year

Oh goes on

ps sorry for my ramble

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Deal with it now...dont push it down or it will come back to bite you in the ass!

My grandad died a few weeks ago, funeral was last monday

Sorry for your loss

Sorry to hear of your loss - its never easy. I am sure your granddad knew how you felt even if it wasn't put into words. He would probably prefer you to spend a little time thinking of all the good memories you have of what you did share with him rather than upsetting yourself over something that can't be changed and might not have been such a big issue to him or indeed in reality.
Grief takes you through many stages - there's no rulebook so just try to go with it.

Take care


sorry to hear of your sad loss xx
You could always write a letter to go in the coffin with him? Or visit the chapel & say what you need to say.

its sad and i feel for you hon - but isnt it better for him not to be suffering - just remember good times with him

you will get over it:friends:

Sorry for your loss,
Sometimes just being there is enough.
you can always visit him at the chapel of rest and talk to him if you feel strongly about it.

It's a hard time to lose someone you love, my FIL passed away last december and I live in london and was weeks away from giving birth so I couldn't be with the family and it meant my older 2 kids couldn't say goodbye to their grandad for which I will always be sorry.


Sorry to hear this, hope you are ok x x

So sorry for your loss. Perhaps if you wrote down what you would have liked to have said and maybe put it in the coffin or go and see him and put it in his trouser pocket or something (my brother did this when his best friend died last year, and it seemed to help him.)
Think of all the nice memories and remember your grandad for the man that he was.
lots of cuddles
Caz xxx

Original Poster

Thanks for the kind words all.
Although they did make me cry at my desk (im stuck in work atm)
Will be going home this afternoon
This has really helped though..because now I know I can let it all out.
That was something i was unable to really do with my uncles death

Hey never appologise for how you feel, only because of what you do. The only person who can feel like you is you. Don't rush things and don't go off the rails "coz it's christmas". You'll be alright when you are ready.

so sorry for you loss X

May he rest in peace.

Tenderly, may time heal your sorrow; gently may friends ease your pain. Softly may peace replace heartache and may warmest memories remain.

So sorry about your sad news, take care and don't be afraid to cry. :friends:

My grandad past away in march, i was glad he had gone as he had really bad cancer and couldn't eat or drink. I still miss him so much and know how you feel. I did some stupid things when i lost him, wondered the streets and just cried sat at his grave for hours in the rain all just because i wanted him back. No one can tell you how to react but yourslef everyone takes it differnt my dad never really spoke about it as he tried to stay strong for everyone. I am so sorry for your loss xx
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