Grandma Necklace

    I am looking for a necklace for my mother in law from my kids, my eldest said about a necklace with the word Grandma on but i cant seem to find any :-(

    Wonder if anyone could help me at all please ;-)


    I'm not sure but argos do alot of necklaces with names on etc. You could try them.:)

    Locket in argos for Grandmother...£37


    or try ebay

    I found really nice pendants for my sisters there last year and best value anywhere...

    or find a nice pendant or bracelet and get it engraved...I always had probs with names for cards etc as had a "Gran" and "Nana"...

    Some places sell individual gold or silver letters so you could make the name up with those...



    Argos is your place to be, however for a different great idea check out this post…=11

    Original Poster

    Thanks all for the help, will take a look about on the links you gave me
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