Grants and free stuff for OAP's & Disabled People

    Does anyone know where I can find out all the things my (soon to be) inlaws are entitled too please? They are both over 60 and father in law is disabled
    Found that they can get free insulation and money off a new boiler so thank goodness they are finally getting it done! I just wondered what else they are entitled to.



    a quiet dignified death

    hey my dad is disabled he can have a mobilty car, Disability living allowance his wife can have carers allowance for looking after him they can hav a cleaner in twice a week instead of carers. Theres lots if they get an OT from social services they can put grab rails raise toilets seats bath chairs bed raisers grab rails on bed everything x

    any thing eles emzy just msg me hun Dont mind seeing as u are a fellow big foot x


    If he gets the higher rate of DLA you can trade it for a Motability car

    for mobility, yes.

    dla comes in to compontents though ones the mobilty coment and ones care x

    Can purchase a disabled rail card for 30% off rail fares for disabled AND a travelling companion (not sure about one year price, but it's £48 for 3 years. Not so widely known is that the disabled rail card also gives you 20% off from station food/drink outlets (e.g. coffee shop etc)

    Also discounts at DIY stores for retired folk ( e.g. Wednesday at B&Q - 10% Grab-a-granny day ) - free card on application in store

    my dads disabled and they come and fitted them with a new ariel for the digital switchover

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