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    I am looking to upgrade my graphics card slightly - the catch:
    Only got 220w psu!
    Small form factor PC - so needs to be low profile and low power (and just slot in to the port...
    Needs to be better than a sapphire radeon hd 4650 512mb ddr2
    Whats the best card I could buy considering I have a athlon 64 5000+ cpu(2*2.6ghz) and 3gb ddr2 ram. Would either a gt 430 or hd 5570 fit the bill? Or any other suggestion?
    My computer is an acer aspire x3200
    Thanks in advance


    Buy a new PC.

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    Buy a new PC.

    Yeah I know - I just enjoy dismantling it X)
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    Upgrade the psu as well and you'll open up your options. For most … Upgrade the psu as well and you'll open up your options. For most dedicated graphics cards a minimum of 400w is recommended. With 220w a new graphics card may work with low demands applications, but will crash when stressed.

    Doubt that possible in my tiny case - I just cant justify another computer yet! Are there any graphics cards which draw the same or less to my sapphire hd 4650? Because if that runs fine at the moment surely a better card will be ok?
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