Graphic card for dell dell vostro 220s pc

    Hi, I recently bought a dell vostro 220s pc for my son to play with in his bedroom but he's now informed me he wants to play Roblox on it. Roblox runs on it but very slow so what cheap graphic card can I install that will allow the game to play more smoothly as an old system and I don't know what's compatible?




    Poundland do cheap boeing triple force graphics card for fiver, should do the job !

    That PC is quite small, and has a 300w power supply I assume? So he would need something quite small to fit in the case that doesn't consume too much power. What is your budget? Roblox doesn't require an amazing card and there's quite a few low-end cards you could pick up for cheap.
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    Good news, it will take a modern budget pci x16 graphics card, bad news it is a very old system and so there is not much upgrade potential.

    You dont give the exact spec - probably you dont know, but the 220 had various minor spec offers.

    Anything in the £50-£60 range should be compatible and miles better than the onboard GFX; I wouldnt go too much beyond that as the power supply might not be up to it.

    Check how much memory it has, and which cpu (try downloading and running cpuid)

    Memory is very old DDR2, so very difficult to buy new, but there is plenty floating about 2nd had for not much money, ideally you want at least 2GB module, and hopefully 2 x 2GB modules of 800Mhz RAM - I am hoping it will run 2GB modules, the board only supports a total of 4GB, and has 2 memory slots, so....

    Standard cpu should be powerful enough, my daughter is running similar spec games at mid quality settings with no issues; if it isnt, they may be some good news, I have a quad core server chip that is supposed to be pin compatible with many Core 2 Duo boards, MUCH faster, and cost me under £20.

    If it works (fitting over Christmas) I will let you know.

    This card should do it without stressing your psu (I hope - I have no details on the Vostro power supply)

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    Hi, power supply is 300w I believe and system comes with 4gb ddr2 ram. This is the system I purchased if it helps -…866


    Hi, power supply is 300w I believe and system comes with 4gb ddr2 ram. … Hi, power supply is 300w I believe and system comes with 4gb ddr2 ram. This is the system I purchased if it helps -

    OK, so the only upgrades are the cpu and the gfx.
    On the link I posted earlier, you will need the "low profile" version, which is one of the options on the page.
    If you read the 730 specific reviews, you will find a woman who bought it for her sons to play Robloxs.

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    Hi, sorry, is that the 2gb version then?…h=1

    I did have a look at the other cards to see if I could see the Roblox comment but couldn't see it sorry.
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