Graphic Card help...

    Never done this before so go easy...

    Just bought an ATI 3850 to upgrade my system and just wondered the best way to install..

    Can i just pull the old one out, stick in the new one, load up comp, install drivers and go..

    or is it best to remove my old one using the add/remove hardware, install new drivers, then put in my new card?

    My computer seems to be tempremental about such things so want to avoid as many issues as possible.

    cheers for any help!

    p.s. how rediculous is the dell 'clamshell' design?


    I would do the following just to be safe.

    1. Make a backup of all your vital data (just in case) and set a system restore point.
    2. Take out the old card.
    3. Replace the new one and install the drivers etc.
    4. Go to Add/Remove Programs and delete your old card.

    and yes the clamshell design is awkward. Be very careful not to damage any other components.

    Oh and if you have an anti-staic strap use it so as not to short anything out. I have never had any problems when not using one but you never know.

    I hope this helps.

    What current graphics card do you have? I'd recommend uninstalling your current driver and control panel first before shutting down to reinstall the new graphics card.

    Not sure what the clamshell design is like now but it used to be extremely good on the older machines (Precision 340, Optiplex 280 etc.) as it separated the components giving you easy access to the motherboard and also making it easy to slide out optical or hard drives.


    Original Poster

    currently have a Raedon x300, my monitors are attached to it so if i disable it before installing the new one wont i lose the display etc?

    thanks for the help, much appreciated.

    You should not loose the display but you will most probably loose the functionality associated with that particular card and drivers.

    Original Poster

    that'd be ok then, if i just removed them and shut down and put in the new one?

    rep given to all

    Yes, normally what happens is when you boot with the new graphics card you'll start with the basic Windows driver which means low resolution and limited colour. It's then just a case of installing the new graphics card driver and you should be good to go.

    The main problem in this type of upgrade is when you're switching between ATi to Nvidia and vice versa there can be driver remnants which conflict and cause issues with 3D performance. However as you're changing from ATi to ATi you should be fine.

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