Graphic Card - REALLY NEED HELP Please!

I've been looking for a graphic card for sometime now... still havnt really found the perfect one.

I have £150-£180 to spend on a new 8800 320MB (must be BFG or XFX please, preferrably overclocked).

or if anything interested in the Nvidia 8 Series (not 320MB) thats at a very good price (even if its £200).

also i must pay by paypal, so paypal preferable.

:-( :-( :-( :-( :-(



If you want to pay through paypal then look around on ebay.

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i did its all for £190

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So no one is willing to help me? :-(


Why not buy new? ]BFG GeForce 8800 GTS OC 320MB Or does it really have to … Why not buy new? ]BFG GeForce 8800 GTS OC 320MB Or does it really have to be paypal?

I think thats the 320Mb one he didnt want.

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i've seen that site.. Total : £206.79 with delivery and vat charges.. :-(
i've only got £170 to spend on the 320MB XFX or BFG, anything in that price?

I got it to £197.39 inc del and vat. But if you're only looking to spend £170 then i think you are going to struggle to find a new XFX or BFG as they are just above your price and there doesn't seem to be much difference in the second hand price either. Good luck with your search.:)

You can get this from Scan, 320MB XFX 8800GTS, PCI-E (x16), Mem 1600MHz, GPU 500MHz, 96 Streams, 2x Dual Link/DVI HDTV £147.00 £172.73 inc.vat. With delivery this will be just under £180 but you'll have to order it today as it's a 'Today Only' offer.:thumbsup: If you keep an eye on this page here scan.co.uk/tod…ly/ I'm sure it'll come up again.;-)

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on scan.co.uk paypal checkout?

Why either of those builders? All graphics cards with the same chipset are practically identical, very seldom straying from the reference design in any way that isn't superficial, like a slightly different cooler, or a different colour PCB. Performance is indentical across the range (an extra 20MHz on a GPU running at 500MHz is a 4% difference, which, once you dip below the 60fps limit imposed by your LCD, is, at best, the equivelent of 60fps instead of 58fps, and typically no different at all), so there's really no need to buy anything apart from the cheapest card that features the GPU, the RAM, and the outputs that you need.

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some offer warranty which is lifetime others offer 1 year... thats a big difference.

+ BFG and XFX make the best cards hands down.

I wouldn't put much value in a lifetime warranty unless you can find out about the terms of the warranty first. It might be good on paper, but in some cases, it can take weeks or months to get things replaced or repaired, and if you might also need to send the card by recorded delivery to the States (and possibly be needed to pay for it to be returned, too), it might be more trouble than it's worth if the card does fail. If in, say, three years time, would you really want to wait two or three weeks and pay £20 to get your old card sent back to you with a new fan bolted on? Anyway, look into it, and think about whether it would really be worthwhile. A 1 yr warranty, by comparison, will be covered by your retailer, and they should be able to ship you out a new card in under a week.

And the boards assembled by BGF and XFX really aren't any different to the boards made by anyone else. It's the same chips, the same design, and they're probably assembled by the same factory by the same people, too. The only difference is heatsink and the logo on the box.

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XFX and BFG have strong warranty rules, they offer best support, fastest repair and lifetime warranty (no hidden rules)... and no BFG and XFX do not get the chip from same people... they are companies who manufactur the chip and also offer overclocked chips.

you dont seem to know much about graphic card companies?

Hm, suit yourself.

ebuyer have an xfx in stock £180
almost in your price range and they acccept paypal - and delivery free if you choose the 5 day option

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any new offers for gts 320 and 640 or Gtx?
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