Graphic Designers - a quick project if you're bored :)

    Hi again all... as some of you have helped in the past, I thought I would ask again...

    It's that time again where my wife is looking for you experts to help her design a Godspell flyer for a not for profit theatre company she is in.

    She likes the photo below but wants the blood more 'red' with vibrant green eyes if possible. The word Godspell would need to be colourful as it is a flower power type show. As usual, all ideas are good ideas...



    I may be able to help.

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    I may be able to help.

    that's great thanks
    It is the 40th Anniversary of 'Godspell' this year. I have the theatre company logo if required

    Would you mind if i get rid of the blood and add a better blood affect? cos atm it looks nothing like blood

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    cheers Jetpac...I will show the wife, shes out until later

    Here's a few

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    Is this ok?

    That wins for me!

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    Is this ok?

    That's awesome...thank you so much...are you ok for us to use the image to promote a theatre production and can you PM me a high res copy?


    You're welcome and of course you can, that's fine by me. PM sent.
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