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    I'm after some help with ideas for a logo for my website...

    I'm trying to go for something simple, but eyecatching.

    My limits have been reached, and basically all I've come up with are worthy of ye olde recycle.

    Any samples anyone could put forward if you're feeling helpful in any way

    Either '' or ''


    Might be worth going to one of the many freelance sites. Alternatively you can expand on what you want i.e. what does the name mean? what do you wish to put across? etc

    Don't mind helping out if you put forward further details of what you're looking for. You'll have to join the queue behind razta though, who PM'd me the other day with a similar request.

    As long as you're not on a tight schedule I should be able to create something for you, but I'm being hampered by a lack of home internet connection at the moment, coupled with how busy it is at work at the moment.

    Original Poster

    Bertha - It's only a personal website, so not justifiable to go to freelance sites. Thanks though.

    Beeching - Nice swan. Nothing on a tight schedule, it's just I've decided to give the personal website a revamp. Let me know when you're free and I'll see if I can run some details etc
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