Found 30th Jun 2007
any deals on-

graphics card 256mb or higher pci connection not pci express


They stopped making PCI cards a while back, to be honest you would be better upgrading the mobo first and then take advantage of PCI-Express.

The only other option to you is to try fleaBay and computer markets.

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any idea on how i go about upgrading pci to pci express???

Do you mean AGP (which was the old graphics card format - cam in x1 x2 x4 and x8 speed) or a PCI card (which could be used as a secondary card or if you had a really really old pc as it..)

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no agp. only have pci spare slots. my currents card is intergrated into motherboard. however, i now want to upgrade to vista but the graphics card drivers dont support vista.

so looking for a pci grafix card for vista. but as above majority on sale are pci express.

my q is whetther its possible to convert my pci slots to pci express ?

They would make no money if they allowed previous formats to work with new. You've no chance.

Cant say I know much about PCI graphics except it wont be that good!

but here is a card:…534

free delivery on 49.99+ orders, so if you do get it or similar - best to add something to the order! rather than pay for postage!
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