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    Thinking of upgrading my graphics card (HD4850) but not too sure on what i should upgrade to. Looking to spend not much more than £120 - £140

    Any ideas ?

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    i was in your place week or so ago, i went with the above in the end

    but there are many different ones within that price range i think you could buy another one of what you have and crossfire them? But i don't know much about "crossfire" if im honest

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    seen that but heard the 4890 is about the same price but higher spec'd ???

    According to Tom's hardware website theres a few thats about level with each other! It's a nightmare i spent ages choosing one!

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    i know...been here done that and doing it again


    seen that but heard the 4890 is about the same price but higher spec'd ???

    The Nvidia and ATi cards are pretty close at this level, I'd be more inclined to go with a 4890 simply because you have the ATI card already and it should be a smoother upgrade. Changing between ATi and Nvidia can sometimes be an annoyance ensuring the drivers are properly cleaned out and not affecting the new card.

    I have a 4850 in one of my systems and have considered an upgrade to the 4890 but decided looking at the performance figures the money would probably be better spent on the next level up whenever it comes out.


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    any more advise on which one to get ?
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