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    A couple of years ago I purchased this Dell system although with the 2.66ghz E8200 processor:…300

    It did not come with a graphics card and I did not need one but now I want to play Final Fantasy XIV which will be a graphically demanding game. The CPU and memory are better than the minimum requirements for the game (considering overclocking the CPU to 3ghz for even more performance) but I obviously need a graphics card and a new PSU to support it.

    In the thread it appeared the GeForce 8800 could be installed in the PC but obviously I'm now looking at recent cards. I am just wondering which cards can be installed on this PC? GeForce cards, Radeon cards or both?

    I am tempted by the Radeon HD 5830 as it's a great card for the price (£136.87 delivered) but how do I even go about figuring out whether it's compatible with my motherboard?

    I don't need to have my PC upgraded until September (unless I get a beta invite...), are these cards likely to drop in price by then or should I take a good deal on one now?


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    Not necessarily, there was a deal posted on it this week that has since expired and gone up by £70.

    I'm more concerned about the compatibility issues however.

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    If it helps I've ran Belarc and the motherboard comes up as Dell Inc. 0GN723.
    Which appears to be this:…Tp=
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