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Found 28th May 2007
Hi I need some graphics card advice please!

I have a 1yr old Dell 3100 which if I understand everything correctly has a custom motherboard thingy and the only way I can upgrade the puny graphics I have is to get a PCI graphics card which is pretty old technology wise.

I have found 2 cards at ebuyer:

ebuyer.com/UK/…534 - PNY Verto GeForce6 6200 256MB DDR DVI VGA PCI Graphics Card - £47.78

ebuyer.com/UK/…665 - Connect 3D 9250 SE 128MB DDR VGA DVI TVO PCI Graphics Card - £25.47

I have no idea which one is 'better' - but there is a £20+ difference in price

What I want really is to make my PC have DVI ...... then if I understand correctly I can connect my pc up via the old VGA method and then my new soon to arrive Xbox 360 via DVI ...... that sounds ok right?!

ebuyer is the only place I have found PCI graphics cards ......

Any advice welcome, thanks in advance


I`m afraid dell don`t put agp or pciex16 slots in their 3000 series (only one pcie x1 slot which is worse than pci i`ve heard) so you`re left with pci which is hobbled.
In this case the pci 6200 is better, but no oomph for games.
You can swap the motherboard with from another dell platform to get you at least an agp or pcie x16 slot or get a different brand mobo and case but thats a lot of hassle.
If i understand you your monitor has vga and dvi inputs.
In this case buy the 360 vga cable,connect it with that and run dvi cable from your new gfx card to monitor so you won`t need to swap leads.
If you want to run the latest games i`m afraid the dell won`t cut it i`d seriously sell up and get a new machine designed for gaming,there`s threads on here to have a look at.
If you don`t want to play games or at least play on lowest settings then by all means get one of those 2 cards its your only option there.
You can check the dell community forums btw much more info just type `3100` in the search box.

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Thanks luminous

The monitor I have came with the Dell 3100 I think it is VGA only ........

I was looking to get a new monitor and hook it up to both the 3100 and the 360. The be honest I was not looking to play games on the PC.

The graphics card was wanted just to provide the DVI output so that I could use the same monitor for both purposes.

Well i`m glad you won`t have to fork out much then:thumbsup:.
Maybe even find a local shop or buy 2nd hand cheap pci card with dvi.
I guess now you`ll have to get a monitor with both connections.I just got a dell 2407 and hard to stop grinning all the time,quality from and old 17" crt is amazing.
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