Graphics card advice (SLI vs Single)

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Found 14th Nov 2009
A friend wants to trade a GTX 275 for 2 of my GTX9800+ cards.

Is it worth the trade and who will get the best benefit when running at 1680x1050. Thanks.


Although the 9800 SLi setup has more raw power, more memory on the 275 could possibly be better for current/future games.

Best thing to do is try out his card in your rig and compare the average FPS in the games you play most. If the drop is only slight then it would be worth swapping as generally a single GPU setup will run far better due to driver/software related issues than using an SLi equivalent.

You might be losing out slightly as the two cards in SLi probably are faster and better but it might be such a small gap that having a single GPU with more memory, better driver/software support for newer games and probably will generate more money when resold.. There is no winner or loser here, just a trade-off. Also something to bare in mind is that if you do swap, you have the option to SLi the 275 in the future, whereas with 2x9800's you don't have that upgrade option as it has already been taken.

At the moment second hand GTS 275's sell for around £140-£170 and single 9800 GTX+ go for around £70-£90. The price difference is pretty minimal at the moment, but the gap will get bigger in the future I suppose.

Bare in mind though that when the new generation of Nvidias cards are released next year, more than likely you will both be looking to upgrade and take advantage of DX11. If that is the case, I would be prefer to be selling a 275 than 2x9800s.

If you can test out his card, then do some gpu benchmarks.

SLI all the way, more bandwidth more bang for your buck
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