Graphics card challenge!

    OK - I have a challenge for my fellow techie bods.

    I am a bit out of touch with the graphics card market this year so I wonder if some of you can suggest the best value PCI express graphics card at around the £80 price point?
    Ideally DDR3 would be preferred.

    Suggest away please!


    ATI 4770 512MB DDR5 for £72 at ebuyer
    XFX 4870 512MB DDR5 for £91 at ebuyer!! budget stretches a bit!!

    yeh 4870 for that price cannot be beaten

    Remeber you also need a decent 400w plus PSU ,

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    Remeber you also need a decent 400w plus PSU ,

    Noted. Shouldn't be an issue.

    Agree - I'd also get a 48x0 or 4770 series card, best value for money at the moment for most scenarios. Its worth thinking about what your monitor resolution is before choosing which card to get - if its not that great you probably won't benefit as much from the fastest cards/memory as you might with a larger resolution for most current games...

    Unless you have a very good PSU (ie well known brand, 450W+, 25A+ current on the 12V rails) I'd advise getting a slightly slower clocked card which draws a bit less power such as the 4770 above (or a ]4850 ... £75 at ebuyer too so within your budget) over a 4870. The 4770W is rated at 80W TDP so should be less demanding on the PSU than the 110W 4870...

    2 x 4850s in xfire for £110.

    i had the 8400 gs. It has vga dvi and hdmi. I think its the cheapest card with hdmi option, nice if you have hdtv. Its worth looking at


    2 x 4850s in xfire for £110.

    Can you get 4850's for £55 each?


    2 x 4850s in xfire for £110.


    Can you get 4850's for £55 each?

    I would like to know this as well, as im on a look out for a good graphics card but not sure what at the mo

    Iv already got a 520w PSU & iv got a 21.5" monitor resolution 1920 x 1080

    So would i be best going for a 4870 or would i see much difference if i went for a 4890?


    oops, I looked it up and it was the 4830s that are £55 from novatech - though it was a 4850, which are more like £70. Sorry.

    Still 2x4830 would pack a decent punch, especially if you OC them.
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