Graphics card deals in Boxing Day and new year sales?

Hello all,

I am soon to buy a graphics card, and I am looking at a amd r9 280x or equivalent and am wondering whether to hold out for any online sales?

I haven't bought one before and don't know if we see these sort of hardware discounted at this time of year?

I am aware of possible price drops due to a new generation of cards in 2015 but don't know if these price drops have already occurred.

I have my eye on the msi card from the r9 280x range as its a cool and quiet in operation.



Usually there aren't many sales on things like GPUs as they aren't difficult to sell.

There is a voucher code for 5% off OCUK which lasts from Christmas Eve until Boxing Day. I definitely saw it on here somewhere but I'm on the app so difficult to search. Prices may go down a little next year but I don't think it will be in the first quarter.

NO I say don't wait 48 hours I think you should buy one right now for full price!

I have been following GPU prices for a while and found that the prices are actually over inflated having gone up. When the January sales hit they will only be returning to their previous sale price. Check out Toms hardware guide to the best value graphics cards to know how much you will likely spend

GTX960 and R9-285X should be coming out in January so that may change prices but depends on how long you can wait.
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