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    Hi all,

    I purchased this graphics card from ebuyer nearly 2 years ago for around £60 -

    PowerColor HD 4670 PCS Edition 1GB DDR3 Dual DVI HDTV Out PCI-E Graphics Card

    To be fair its been a pretty good card and I've been able to play new games with it.

    However, its began to malfunction and crash my system so am on the look out for a new card, and to be honest I don't want to pay any more than around £60 again.

    Looking around I can't seem to see anything THAT much better than my old card, even though I purchased it SO long ago! 18 months is a long time in technology terms, so I thought I would be able to upgrade easier!!

    Any help from bargain hunters is much appreciated!

    I would prefer to shop from Ebuyer again as my card may be still under a 2 year warranty....THANKS!



    Get the 5750 for about £20 more.

    See comparison here:…gb/

    Original Poster

    Thanks for the reply, but cant see one for £80....I think I can stretch to £70...what Geforce card is on par or slightly better than the 4670?

    I should think the geforce 9600gt would be something of the equivalent. However check your power supply can handle the graphic card of your choice, often a weak psu can crash your card especially when playing games.

    jumpinjehosephat is bang on the money!

    I find this useful, as a rough guide.

    Original Poster

    Thanks for the info lads....Oh decisions decisions......

    Original Poster

    Hi jumpinjehosephat ,

    What do you reckon to the

    Inno3D GTS 450 1GB GDDR5 DVI HDMI VGA Out PCI-E Graphics Card

    for £90....

    I know its more than I originally said, but I'm getting £60 back and can stretch and add another £30....

    Unless you guys can suggest anything better for £90??
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