Graphics card for a photoshop pc?

Found 17th Feb 2018

I am building a pc with an i5-4590s and 8gb ram + 240gb ssd.

And was wondering I am getting really bad results with the onboard graphics so put in a asus 740 graphics card and would it be better to upgrade to a better graphics card for photoshop use?

Before putting the graphics card in the pc would go to 100% cpu usage even on slithero lol.

Pc is running windows 10.

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Are you sure it's going up to 100% usage or 100% CPU frequency ?
What are you getting bad results on? On a 2D image editing app like photoshop the biggest users of the GPU are some of the filters and effects, a lot of the other aspects won't benefit from it.

Games will frequently attempt to run as fast as possible and use 100% CPU with whatever hardware you have so that's not a good comparison. You need to be looking at performance rather than use percentage (it's there to be used).
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