Graphics Card for Gaming arround £100-150 max 9800GT 8800GT 9800GTX 8800GTX

    Hi, I am looking for a new Graphics Card for my desktop mostly for playing playing games (Crysis, COD4, etc) around £100 - 150max. I would like to balance performance and cost to get the best value for money. I currently have a NVidea 7900GS which doesn't really cut the mustard!! I understand that new Graphics Cards are to be released in the following weeks, resulting in a drop in price of existing cards. Please could you post deals with reasons of Good performing cards within my budget if you know of any.

    Thanks in advance!!


    It hard to say, the best value may be the ati 4850 when its realeased by the look of the bench marks coming out but that will be over £100 at the top of your budget, given the 8800gtx is in the list you should be able to afford it, . All the cards you mentioned are a step-up from what you have but for playing Crysis (with high detail) you will need to pay extra and go with something like the 8800gtx.

    Just wait no body knows what will happen with the prices

    are you looking to sell your old card then?

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    yeah once I have purchased I new card

    If you can wait a few months then I'd do that, otherwise the 9600GT 512mb is a great deal at £90…-p/

    8800gt is still the bangs per buck champ in my opinion should be able to pick one up for 105 and performance wise better than a 9600gt and not much less than 8800gts 512mb model (much better than older type 880gts) :thumbsup:

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    Hi, Please could you post som links of the graphic cards you recomend?? Many Thanks

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    or what about this … or what about this card??

    This one with 512mb and slight overclock would be the one i'd go for. :thumbsup:

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    Thanks but is it a reliable brand??

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    Thanks but is it a reliable brand??

    Yes and comes with a one year warrenty to guarentee the pre-overclock settings :thumbsup:

    Go for the 8800GT from novatech. The AMP eddittion is pre-overclocked, and probably the best bang/buck at the moment.

    It actually benchmarks closer to the 8800GTX than the standard 8800gt

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    any other suggestions??

    Heres a overclocked version of the 8800gt that i just posted before:


    8800gt at novatech. bought it last week as i built a new computer and it tears through age of conan in high with 60-70fps. so it will certainly be able to deal with COD4.

    oh the 512 mb one btw. can really recommend cos i was in same dilemmas as you and its true what was said earlier.. for your cash 8800gt it best performance
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