graphics card google...usb?

Found 26th Jan 2006
any such thing as a usb graphics card
to help me look at google earth?
iwould personally be very hesitant about opening my lovely dell and putting a card in
is this the only option ?
or any such thing as...usb graphics card?
how do i find out what i have presently?
dimension 3000
did not choose any cards when buying
thanks for any help/advice/direction
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Your laptop already got graphics card - it is internal device that makes information on screen, attached to your PC visible.
I think he's saying it's a Dimension 3000. This already has a graphics card in it chancer, are you saying it's not powerful enough? There is no such thing as a usb graphics card so if you want to upgrade you would need to pop open the computer and do it , it's not hard.
Oops, sorry - I was typing it on a laptop I meant PC of course.

According to Google, their requirements are not bad -

# 3D graphics card: 3D-capable video card with 16MB VRAM
# 1024x768, 32-bit true color screen

I think that any (even built-in) card can handle this.

Apparently, USB Graphics cards do exist, although I am not sure where to get such a device from.
Telegnosis USB VGA card
Well I'll be...I don't even know. I can't even think how that is possible! I guess it is just a connection interface...but...wow.

Reminds me of this:


In any case chancer ignore this side track you do not want this The specs Kommunist posted will easily be handled by the inbuilt card in your Dimension. Whether they are realistic specs I don't know
went to friends house
and looked on his goog earth
could see his greenhouse,skyroof on next doors car etc
went home to check it out again couldnt see all that...only fairly good---could see his house/boundary clearly

big difference
his is way better :cry: (it was me that told him about google earth in the first place)

thanks loads for the help so far
been thinking about this for about 4 weeks

Theoretically it is possible, at least I know how to do it for DOS environment - just change address range of video screen buffer to virtual one, provided by USB controller. I guess their driver for Windows isn't that dumb
As they say in review, the only application they can think of is additional VGA port and in this case Matrox thingie should work equally well (if not better).

I can think of another application for this card - connect it to Linksys NSLU2. This is a very small device (a bit bigger than Marlboro 20-pack), got 2xUSB and network. Many people are using it as file server, media server (streams video to DLInk DSM-320 and the likes), etc. By using this card, you can convert it to fully functional (albeit exceptionally slow) Linux PC.


And, yes chancer you definitely do not want this!
chancer - I don't think the resolution should be affected by your video card...I would just assume that the animations/zooms would be much slower and choppier but for zooming in on something it should be the same detail. You are using the downloaded program from Google right? Are you sure you zoomed in all the way when you looked at it?

Kommunist - Now that would be very cool and slow, but it's amazing what can be done these days.
I don't think that card is at fault here. Out of curiosity - is your monitor TFT (LCD)? If so, can you switch it to native resolution?
Another question - are you sure you both using the same Google software? There are three versions of it.

Some people are using "The SLUG" for really cool stuff. I am running SMB backup and Twonkyvision on it, but others run iTunes, VoIP PBX, Apache, etc.
i would love to think that my card is not at fault
have updated my download(had most recent)same program
monitors identical flat18"
buffered 100%
zoomed fully
still well inferior
how do i go for...how you say "native" resolution
my friend is into photography
and likely has a good graphics card
he uses photoshop and told a computer buff this before ordering(from dell)and prob. ordered accordingly his cost about £1000 a year ago
mine £456 thanks to a class [url]https://www.hotukdeals.com[/url] link about 4 months ago
I've scanned all through the Google Earth help and it doesn't mention this as a possible problem anywhere which leads me to think the card is not the problem. I can't think of how the card could bottleneck the resolution as long as it is compatible. I suspect the issue is either in some settings for Google Earth (is there a way to turn resolution up and down in exchange for faster loading?), in some kind of user error, or slight possibility your monitor isn't running at native resolution.

Also are you sure you are zooming in to the very same house? and that your memory of how detailed his was is correct? Maybe it just seemed more detailed there or your monitor contrast isn't the same etc.?

Dunno, but fairly certain it's not a vid card problem, unless it's a strange bug.
I am in video editing and sometimes editing photos in Photoshop, etc.
My video card is 5 years old GeForce 2 MX400 64MB and I never had any problem with detalisation. Even when I bought this card, it wasn't "superpower" but rather humble low end one. So do not think that graphics card is at fault here.

I don't know what is native resolution for your monitor (it should be stated in User Manual under 'Specification'). Adjust resolution as usual - right click on desktop, then select "Properties", then "Settings" and move slider to correct position. Also make sure you have "32 bit colours" set.
it has taken some time
but my goog earth is now up to scratch

i hear you ask
kommunist was it the native resolution ...32 bits...I WAS RIGHT

adminsays ....bet it was a different house the fool...I WAS RIGHT

i worked it out all on my own
looking at border between France and switzerland at geneva.............................. i ticked "show borders" box to see french/swiss areas............
noticed that terrain box was also ticked
:!: :!: (default setting i think) :!: :!:

and unticked
car sunroof greenhouse..... like the big J had spat in my eyes
googletastic 10times as good
thanks again for your help ... much appreciated
to unclick, look to bottom left of screen under layers and unclick terrain--prob good for mountaineers/farmers
silly me
still not really sure what caused the lack of resolution on google......but........

I went to my brothers house the other night and talked about goog earth etc, probs i'd had and looked at his goog earth, unchecked terrain and it was the same map for my other bros house in nottingham but HEY PRESTO my mates house here in belfast improved vastly----------------------------------------------------------------------- i dunno...........mine's great now anyway.
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