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    I recently bought a Q6600 Quad Processer PC from Tesco's ( and was wondering if someone knew of a good graphics card I could use mainly for video editing? I am looking at using applications such as Pinnacle Studio and Adobe Premier Pro. Also, does anyone know the kind of Ram in this machine and where I can get an additional 2MB Ram that would be compatible?

    Cheers guys


    The ram is almost certainly non-EEC DDR2.

    What does video editing need from a graphics card?

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    I thought to do video editing, it's always preferred to have a dedicated graphics card? Maybe i got this wrong? Also, is there any way to determine the type of ram I have and the PSU too?

    Thanks for your help.

    For the PSU you'll have to open up the case and check the label in the side of the PSU. ]CPU-Z can tell you what RAM you have.

    No need to open it up. That PC has a 300W power supply, and it'll support RAM up to PC2-6400 (PC2-5300 is currently installed).

    ^the power of Google and knowing where to look

    As for a graphics card, try this;…ons

    Maybe a little on the overkill side of things, but it'll decode any HD videos on board and let you do some lite gaming as well without having to worry about not being able to run the game

    This install guide is worth a bookmark too, should come in handy if you've never done this sort of thing before;…htm

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    Thanks guys! Much appreciated!

    I just seen your comments (problems with internet connection at home so it's priceless to be at work :))

    OK, regarding the graphics card, isnt there one with DDR3 opposed to DDR2 that will work in the system?

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    would something like this work?


    I may be wrong but afaik video editing doesn't need a fast gfx card as a) nothing is in 3d, video editing is a 2d application and b) anything HD from cameras is not in a standard playback type HD codec (x264, vc1), more of a RAW AVI DV format and therefore not decoded by the card. Video editing is more down to fast RAM and HDD and as much RAM and disk space as you can buy. RAID striped drives help too as does a fast CPU for the calculations. For example, Mac Pros are often used with Final Cut Pro and they have a comparatively basic video card in (Radeo HD2400xt or Geforce 8800GT) and these are in for applications like HD Mov files and games not editing. The only time I guess 3D processing may kick in is with After Effects? Otherwise cards that actually do aid high end video are likely to be Nvidia's pro Quatro range, prices nearer £1000.
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