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I am currently in the process of trying to find a graphics card. I am looking for ones preferably under £100 i need one for gaming and other media purposes. Ideally i would like something which is not too old as i would like to play some fairly up to date games. Thanks to anyone who helps in advance


It might help if you can say what bus your PC has, i.e. PCI Express or PCI-X or is it older with AGP?

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i think its PCI Express i know its not AGP anyway

£91.05 if you pay by google checkout


Another for your consideration ]click Connect3D X1900GT £98.46 but can save another £10 by going through google checkout.

This card was highly recommended in a CustomPC mag review of 20 mid-range graphics cards.......they considered it to be the 'bargain of the year'
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