Graphics Card Help.

    I want to change my graphics card on my computer.

    I am looking at just a cheap basic one (link is below in next post).

    How can I find out if it fits or not? I've heard of PCI Express etc but not sure if the link below will fit my pc?

    Hope you can help


    Download this simple program Sysspec, It'll tell you your motherboard model amongst other things, Then google your motherboard model and you'll find out if it's PCI Express or AGP.
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    Cheers dude. great help!

    These are the different card slots availible to use on motherboards.

    problems you can find is the phyiscal size of graphics card, some need the space of another card slot along with additional power supply requirements.

    once you've got your results make another post sure people on here will be glad to help
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    thanks for your help mate,

    I had a Nvddllkmm error and its completely a pain in the **** when it happens. When i disable the gfx card i can watch videos etc and it does not crash. So its blatantly the gfx card. I tried downloading the latest drivers etc and it still didnt work. Cheers!…20R
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