Graphics card help, is this better than what I have?

    Basically the one I have is too loud and that's all I care about, the only game I will play on this is Left for Dead 2 in the summer, the current one I have is too loud details in the first post.

    I've had a look at this on Amazon:…e_2


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    I've had a look at this on Amazon:…e_2

    the one I have:

    if the one I have chosen is not better what should I go for? I just need it to be fanless and low profile as I have a slim case. (and cheap :))



    Fanless generally = crap, it's fanless due to it been super slow so … Fanless generally = crap, it's fanless due to it been super slow so doesn't make much heat.

    Hmmm generally true I agree, but I had a fanless 7900GT which is still going strong, is overclocked now (by my little brother as it is his now) and still manages to play MW2!

    But I think for £30ish you could get something better, and as on a tight budget by the seems of it maybe look second hand as your get 1.5-2x the performance for your money.

    My laptop had an X1600, it served me well but I really struggled to play L4D2 on it. Even with mild overclocking I had to play below native resolution, set the lowest graphic settings and turn off multiplayer gore. What sort of performance have you achieved?

    Unfortunately the ATI 4350 is a weaker card. The only benefit would be that there is driver support whilst the X1600 is now legacy.

    I assume your budget is £30-£40ish?
    L4D2 is my fave game, let me know if you want to team up

    Also what is your CPU? As if you upgrade your GPU and its being bottlenecked by your CPU the upgrade would have been futile anyway.

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    okay it doesn't have to be dirt cheap even £50 is fine its just that I don't play games much at all the last game I played is Left for Dead 1 last summer. I don't mind if I can get any graphics card that is on par with my existing if not more, just need fanless, or even very quiet? and slim PC compatible! I don't mind second hand ebay etc. I just need you guys to tell me what to look for.


    edit: also on the web site it has both the graphics cards on the same section does that mean they are on par with each other? or is my current one better?

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    I had a 4850 with passive cooling so was quiet and was a good performer, played MW2 on max settings. That cost me around £70-80 though

    actually that was a rather big card though

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    how is this card?

    comes to £45

    ASUS HD 4650 1GB DDR2 DVI HDMI Out PCI-E Low Profile Graphics Card…103

    im hoping it wont have to work so hard in general so hopefully its quieter.

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    found this, how would this cope?…431

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    Not sure sorry, I don't touch ATI, have a bump anyway.

    lol okay please point me to a Nvidia one it doesnt bother me, for under £50 low profile, quiet or fanless if possible.
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