Graphics card help please..

    Hiya all,

    its the fellas birthday coming up & he has asked for a graphics card. He's asked for this one in particular... ATI Radeon HD5750. Now being a girlie, I have no idea what this is or means etc... He's seen one in Overclockers for £100 + delivery.

    But being the nice girlfriend that I am I would like to get him the upgraded version of what he has asked for as a nice little surprise.

    Dont want to stretch too much over £100, maybe £150 max but was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction please in terms of what the next model up is or the equivalent etc which would suit his needs.

    He's a massive MW2 gamer & COD 4 etc.

    This is the link he's given me for the one he thinks I'm going to buy..…tml

    Please help!!

    Ta muchos!!



    As the above post get him what he has asked for , you do not know why he has asked for this particular one may because of his power supply and the next card up may not work due to requiring to much power.This does seem a good prive for that card

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    I'll actually help the 5770 is the next model up. Afaik.Here you … I'll actually help the 5770 is the next model up. Afaik.Here you go: make as one he was looking at, but model up, also has the same power supply requirements so will be fine.

    Thank you!!
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